Aug 252019

We are looking for a Site Secretary to work for the largest offshore wind farm developer in the world. There are 2 positions available, 1 based in Kaohsiung and 1 based in Changhua County. This is initially a 2 year contract. The daily rate…

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Tipical Questions
“Where do you want to be five years from now?” “What employers are really asking is, ‘Is this job even close to your presumed career path? Are you just applying to this job because you need something? Are your long-term career plans similar to what we see for this role? How realistic are your expectations for your career? Have you even thought about your career long-term? Are you going to quit after a year or two?’”
Questions to ask
Do you have any hesitations about my qualifications? I love this question because it’s gutsy. Also, you’ll show that you’re confident in your skills and abilities.